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Retiree Monthly Tax Withholding Calculator

This calculator can be used to determine how you would like to withhold taxes from your benefit payment for federal and ⁄ or State of Wisconsin taxes. There are separate forms to elect state and federal tax withholding. To elect both, you must submit both forms. The federal form cannot be printed from this calculator, use the "Go to Form W-4P" button to access it.

*Indicates that a field is required.2024 rates will be effective February 1, 2024

Federal Wisconsin State
Click the "Go to Form W-4P" button to access the IRS Form. Submit the completed W-4P to ETF to elect federal income tax withholding. Click the "Print WI Tax Withholding" button below to access the State of Wisconsin withholding election form. Submit the completed form to ETF to elect state income tax withholding.
*Monthly Gross Income *Monthly Gross Income
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Investment in Contract Contextual Help
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Net Taxable Amount
Net Taxable Amount
*Step 1(c)        Federal Marital Status
Federal Marital Status (required)
*State Marital Status
Wisconsin State Marital Status (required)
Step 2(b)(iii)  Income Job/Annuity Number of Exemptions (max. 10)
Step 3     Dependent/Other Credits Extra Withholding/Month
Step 4(a)   Other Income OR  
Step 4(b)   Deductions Withhold this specific monthly amount
for Wisconsin taxes:
Step 4(c)   Extra Withholding/Month  
These calculators should not be considered tax advice. Any tax-planning questions or decisions on how to complete the Form W-4P or Wisconsin tax withholding elections should be directed to a tax advisor.